Been introducing my kids to some stuff from my youth as of late (MTV era). I know Michael Jackson was a weird person and there’s a ton of controversy surrounding what he did or didn’t do, but the music still holds up well.

As a kid, I remember wearing out the BAD cassette.

Below are my two favs from that album.



The Tower of Bashan is now available as an audiobook!

Her goal is in sight. His plan is in place. Those who force their hand will pay.

The journey to the Tower of Bashan has tested Andrasta and Rondel’s partnership, threatened their friendship, and left them with a wealth of scars. After months of research and careful planning, the tower is now before them. They are confident that with the knowledge they have gained, they will defeat the guardians protecting the Jewel of Bashan within.

Their progress is halted when they discover that the entrance is no longer the same. With the tower taunting the pair and their plan useless, they take out their frustration on each other until a quick-witted, young girl gives them an idea on how to succeed. A new plan is formulated, creating political waves and upsetting the criminal underground.

They entered Bashan to steal a jewel, but they may just quicken a civil war.

The Tower of Bashan is the third volume in The Epic of Andrasta and Rondel.

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The musicianship speaks for itself.


I just learned about Sister Rosetta Tharpe this past week and that’s a shame. This woman could flat out play and sing. She did both better than most of the blues and rock legends of the time. Seriously, Chuck Berry doesn’t have anything on her.

Awesome stuff.

Up Above my Head
(A very obvious influence to King’s X – Over my Head)

That’s all

Didn't It Rain


The City of Pillars is now available as an audiobook!

A partnership formed. A friendship grew. Both are tested. Neither may endure.

Andrasta and Rondel have spent months in the city of Zafar, obtaining knowledge they will need to steal the famous Jewel of Bashan. Something goes wrong when pilfering an artifact crucial to their goal, bringing the wrath of the local authorities against them.

A beautiful woman helps them escape Zafar in exchange for their help recovering a family heirloom.

The seemingly simple job turns complicated as they learn the heirloom is in the possession of the feared Hubul’s Host, a band of warriors devoted to the Erban father of the gods.

The City of Pillars is the second volume in The Epic of Andrasta and Rondel.

You can get your copy through Amazon or Audible by clicking on the buttons below.


Can U Deliver? (live)


A father. A mentor. A leader. Still, a soldier.

Wayward Soldiers: The Tyrus Chronicle - Book Two is now available! Click here for your Kindle now. A paperback version can be found here.

Wayward Soldiers is the second book in The Tyrus Chronicle. Two more books are planned for this series: Resurrected Soldiers and Forever Soldiers. Stay tuned for their anticipated release dates.

Here's the description for Wayward Soldiers.

Tyrus expected his world to change once the Geneshan War ended. He expected it to change more once he finally reunited with his family.

He did not foresee that the biggest upheaval to his world would be caused by Turine sorcerers tampering with an ancient Geneshan artifact in the capital city of Hol.

The land stands devastated and covered in a haze. Sorcerers are unable to use their power. The king and capital are likely destroyed. Raiders seek to profit in a world without law.

Tyrus decides that he must get his loved ones to the safety of the Southern Kingdoms if they are to have any chance of surviving.  The quick flight he plans turns into a labored journey when local townsfolk join his party. Expecting only new dangers now before him, Tyrus fails to anticipate old ones haunting his steps.

Wayward Soldiers is the second volume in The Tyrus Chronicle.

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