Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.
-Ferris Bueller

I thought that quote was a good way to start off this post. It definitely speaks to how I feel lately. Juggling family, work, writing, powerlifting, and other hobbies, I’m admittedly pretty worn out. The last few months have been especially tiring. I say all that because I know my blog posts are few and far between and honestly, I don’t know if that will change any time soon.

However, I do want to make a conscious effort to at least provide updates on my writing several times of year as news comes in.

Therefore, I’m happy to announce that The Epic of Andrasta and Rondel books have new covers!

I liked the original covers as I felt they had a pulp feel to them that fit with the sword & sorcery/action adventure genre the stories fall into. But despite positive feedback on the stories and characters themselves, the series has never really gained traction like Blood & Tears or The Tyrus Chronicle.

So in an effort to bring more readers to the series, I had Mario Teodosio (creator of The Tyrus Chronicle covers) redo the Andrasta and Rondel covers in his style. Check them out below and leave your thoughts in the comments. Personally, I think they came out great!


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This was a very tough list to make this year as there were quite a few solid releases that were all roughly at the same level of quality. Not a huge gap between numbers 5 and 1. Also not a huge gap with the albums that didn’t make the top five.

5. Spiritual Beggars – Sunrise to Sundown
Such an underrated band. Hard Rock at its best.

4. Charred Walls of the Damned – Creatures Watching Over the Dead
Ripper once again strikes gold.

3. Killswitch Engage – Incarnate
Another solid release.

2. Necromancing the Stone – Jewel of the Vile
Just wanted to add that I originally checked these guys out because of their name. I thought it was a funny reference to the two 1980 movies (Romancing the Stone and Jewel of the Nile). I was pleasantly surprised to learn that these guys were way more than just a silly band name. Great musicianship.

1. Anthrax – For All Kings
Not quite as good as Worship Music, but still an unbelievable release. One of the few bands out there that seem to be getting better with age.


I have some great news that I wanted to share with everyone.

A few weeks ago, I was approached by Podium Publishing to bring The Tyrus Chronicles to audiobook.

Podium Publishing has made a strong name for themselves over the last several years as a producer of high-quality audiobooks. Most notably, they produced Andy Weir’s The Martian which won a ton of industry awards. The Martian is considered to be one of the best-selling audiobooks of all time and the first audiobook to receive over a hundred thousand ratings. Skimming through the reviews of other books in their catalog, it seems they select stories that resonate well with their target audience. You can find out more about them at their website,

Given the above, I was excited to have a discussion with them about The Tyrus Chronicles and glad we were able to reach contract terms that satisfied us both.

I don’t have a specific date on when the first audiobook will be released just yet, but based on what I know now, please keep a look out for them in 2017.


War defines his past. Living haunts his present. Peace mocks his future.

Forever Soldiers: The Tyrus Chronicle - Book Four is now available! Click here for your Kindle now. A paperback version will be available later next week.

Here's the description for Forever Soldiers.

Months have passed since Tyrus ended a decade of war between Turine and Genesha by destroying the Geneshan’s sorcerous artifact. He had hoped that taking his family south would grant him the peace he desired, but even in the Southern Kingdoms war welcomes him instead.

Ava strikes a deal with the Southern Kingdom leaders to protect her brother, taking his place in their fight to protect their lands from invading forces. Having spent her adult life entrenched in battle, Ava doesn’t hold any illusions as to what awaits her. A new land, a new language, and new obstacles reinforce what she already knows—nothing in life is easy. Her men, an entire nation, and most of all, her family depends on her success.

Without a call of war to answer, Tyrus leads his group of settlers to their new town, taking on the role of mayor with the skills he has honed for more than a decade—assess, prioritize, plan, execute. When memories of the past begin to cloud his judgement, he is forced into a new kind of war. One he doesn’t know he can or wants to fight.

Once a soldier, forever a soldier.

Forever Soldiers is the final volume in The Tyrus Chronicle.

For a free sample, click here.

If you enjoy the story or any of my other works, please consider leaving a rating or review at the site of purchase as well as other places such as Goodreads and Librarything. Like many other indie authors, I do not have a marketing team working for me and a positive review (even if only a couple of sentences long) can go a long way in enticing others to give my works a try.

Thanks for the continued support!

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I’ve been pretty quiet on the blogging front for a while. It’s not because I’ve been slacking. I just haven’t had the time or energy to write anything for the blog outside of a couple Music Monday posts here and there. I've been really busy with writing, editing, outlining a new series, and my day job.

I'm taking a few minutes away today to let everyone know that I’m working on the last round of edits for Forever Soldiers: The Tyrus Chronicle - Book Four. The goal is get this last Tyrus book released during Labor Day week (the week of September 5th for those not in the States).

So stay tuned to the blog, keep up with my Facebook page, follow me on Twitter, or sign up for my newsletter for the official release!

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This is such a grossly underrated album. Unbelievably well written songs with some of Slash’s best guitar work. Most of these songs sound like they belong on a follow-up to Appetite for Destruction. Though Eric Dover does a great job on vocals, I think if Axl had sung on this album, it could have been packaged as a GNR release. It would have been huge.

Regardless, a supergroup that consists of 3 GNR members (Slash, Matt Sorum, and Gilby Clarke), Mike Inez from AIC, and Eric Drover from Jellyfish is a must own for any hard rock fan.

Beggars and Hangers On

What do you want to be (live)

Back and Forth again (acoustic)


In light of all the crap going on in the world over the last few weeks, I’ve found myself listening to some of my more aggressive CDs. One positive, is that I’ve “rediscovered” a couple of bands I hadn’t checked out in some time. At the top of the list is Chimaira. They released several solid albums before calling it quits. Unfortunately, there was only one album with Kevin Talley on drums.

Check out two of my favorites below.

Nothing Remains (breakdown at the 4:00 minute mark is awesome)