This past Saturday my mother-in-law lost her nearly two-year battle with cancer, dying at the age of 60.

I’ve waited to post this on my blog until now for several reasons, one of which was I was hoping to write a great post memorializing her in my own way. However, as much as I enjoy writing fiction, it seems that creating meaningful words when discussing matters of life is not my forte.

Therefore, I’ll just say that she was about as good of a mother-in-law as anyone could have asked for—kind, unselfish, loving, an awesome cook, and a willing victim of my many jokes. I feel very blessed to have known her these last eight years, and it pains me to know that my kids will have to continue growing up without her in their lives.

Any time I see an “autocorrect” text mistake, watch someone use far too many dishes to make a simple meal, hear the Beatles, or see a rooster figurine, I’ll think of her.

We all love you, Terri.


In light of the recent Hot Pocket scandal, I started thinking about Jim Gaffigan again and had to look up some of his work. Here’s a few of his better clips including the Hot Pocket bit which he is most known for.

Hot Pockets

4 Kids

McDonald’s (warning: there are a few choice words)



I love both this band and this album.

Pure Rock Fury

Careful with that mic

Smoke Banshee


Well, I’m traveling this week which means I got to hear another song from the 80s I hadn’t heard in ages. I had to post it today since I remembered how awful the music video was. Just as bad as I remembered.

Enjoy the laugh.


This is an older article/video my wife ran across recently. It’s still just as relevant and important today, though. Please watch, have a good laugh, and think seriously about what you just watched. Then please make sure that you choose your words carefully next time you’re out and meet a transracial family.

Sadly, my wife and I have been told about 90% of these things.

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Machine Head has slowly become one of my favorite bands. I have always liked their earlier stuff, but these last three albums have pushed them to a different level than where they were before. That being said, one of the heaviest intros to any song still remains Davidian (my introduction to the band thanks a friend of mine). It’s the first track on their debut album Burn My Eyes.

Machine Head - Davidian