His life has no purpose. She’s out to prove hers. An unlikely alliance forms. Their legend is born.

The Cult of Sutek: The Epic of Andrasta and Rondel, Vol. 1 is available at Amazon.

If you do not have an ereader or a phone capable of acting as an ereader and are interested in reading the story, you can always download the Amazon Kindle application for your desktop or laptop and read it from your computer.

If you prefer a paper version, The Cult of Sutek is also available in print at Amazon for just $11.99.

Here is a brief synopsis of The Cult of Sutek.

His life has no purpose. She’s out to prove hers. An unlikely alliance forms. Their legend is born.

Rondel, a once famous minstrel is crippled and rotting away in prison. He has nothing to live for until Andrasta, a mysterious warrior, gives his live meaning again. The pair escapes prison and in the aftermath, form a partnership they hope will lead to fame and fortune. Their journey is a long one, filled with peril, adventure, and even failure.

The ancient cult of Sutek grips the land of Iget. Framed by the cult for kidnapping and attempted murder, Rondel and Andrasta help a young noble rescue his sister in order to clear their name.

The Cult of Sutek is the first volume in a planned series of sword and sorcery standalone adventures in The Epic of Andrasta and Rondel.

Volumes 2 (The City of Pillars) and 3 (The Tower of Bashan) are also planned for summer releases.

To read an excerpt of The Cult of Sutek, click the “Sample” button below.

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My favorite Pearl jam album by far. Great stuff.


Rearview Mirror (Live)

Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town

Indifference (Live)


*Steps onto soap box and clears throat*

Skinny jeans are an even worse creation than even bell bottoms in my mind. I’ve never been a fan of how they look on women because usually one of two things occur. She is too large for them to look right or she is so thin it draws attention to the fact that she could really stand to put on 15-30 pounds.

However, the thing that drives me crazy the most about skinny jeans is the fact that many guys are starting to wear them too. Why? Please tell me how something crazy tight against my nether region will make me comfortable? It won’t. I have never seen any man look good, cool, or even plain comfortable in skinny jeans.

The best thing about skinny jeans was a sight gag on Always Sunny in Philadelphia when Danny Devito put on a pair.

This fashion statement is ridiculous and it has to stop. Please make it so.

*Steps down from soap box and walks away shaking head*

Sometimes, you remember a song from your youth and not matter how bad you know it is today, you still sort of enjoy it. Here is one of these songs.


Inspiration comes from everywhere. I grew up watching a lot of old fantasy/mythological movies from the 60s and 70s as they used to play them a lot on Saturdays and Sundays. One of my favorites was Jason and the Argonauts. In fact, I pay a small homage to the famous skeleton fight in the third book in my new Sword and Sorcery series The Epic of Andrasta and Rondel (the first book The Cult of Sutek will be released before the end of the month).

While searching for the Jason and the Argonauts clip below, I came across a scene from Sinbad and realized I unknowingly pay homage to it as well in a my own unique way. Talk about your subconscious taking over.

I included the Clash of the Titans scene because it is awesome and the scariest depiction of Medusa.

Jason and the Argonauts – Skeleton Fight

Sinbad – Kali Dances

Clash of the Titans (original) – Medusa fight

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Decided to do two posts about Nirvana in a row. Mainly because Incesticide is often overlooked among their catalog as it lacked the major hits of Nevermind or In Utero. Really good stuff. Heavy on the indie punk vibe.


Molly’s Lips

Been a Son


Aero Zeppelin


No real blog post today. I’ve just been crazy busy as has my wife. We’re jugging a lot of things right now, which of course includes getting my books ready for publication. At times, I feel a little like this guy.

Don’t worry though, I can actually handle it. *wink*

At least I have so far.

Hopefully, I’ll be back to blogging next week.