As of this moment, I am officially published!

Warleader: A Blood and Tears Short Story can be purchased from the following locations for only $.99. Use Smashwords for your non-Kindle and Nook ereaders.

Due to the length of Warleader, it will obviously not be offered in print.  However, if you do not have an ereader or a phone capable of acting as an ereader and are interested in reading the story, you can always download the Amazon Kindle application for your desktop or laptop and read it from your computer.

Here is a brief synopsis of the story:
As a young warrior in the elite Kifzo army of his father’s tribe, Tobin lives a life consumed by the relentless training demands of his uncle. Despite his best intentions and hard work, he struggles to cope with his father's indifference toward him and his brother's outright hatred.
A chance opportunity may change all of that. Tobin’s father gives him, his brother and three other young Kifzo each a small squad to lead on a key mission. The squad leader who succeeds will be named Warleader and will command the entire tribe’s army. Tobin sees this as his best chance to step out of the shadow of his brother and earn the respect and recognition he’s always desired.

To read an excerpt of Warleader (the first two scenes), simply go to the book tab above and click the “Sample” button.  If you like what you read, consider giving the rest of the story a shot.  Also included in the eBook is the first chapter of Rise and Fall: Book One in the Blood and Tears Trilogy.

Speaking of Rise and Fall, the cover is done (I’ll be posting it tomorrow) and my editor is probably about halfway through the book at this point.  So, I’m still very much on pace for a December 2011 release as originally planned.

One last thing.  If you like what you read, please leave me a comment below or shoot me an email at  I’d love to hear from you.

And most importantly spread the word!  One way you can do that is by clicking the “Like” button or “Share button” on the amazon product page.  Thanks!

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