Just as the title says, here are ten random things about me that some (if not most), might not know about me.
  1. Like most people, I have some minor OCD quirks. For instance, I check my pockets dozens of times each day, going over a checklist in my head for the following reasons:
    a. Make sure I didn’t forget something.
    b. Something didn’t fall out.
    c. Someone didn’t pick my pocket (very common in the rough streets of suburbia) (Note: that’s sarcasm, folks).
  2. I really dislike sunlight, almost to the point of hating it. Give me an overcast sky any day. I have light-sensitive eyes that even with sunglasses causes me to squint. This causes my eyes to water which eventually leads to a headache. Plus, I hate warm weather.
  3. In line with number 2, I’ve always been a bit of a night owl. In a perfect world, I’d be up during the evening and night hours, and then sleep during the morning and day.
  4. I hate waking up early, but I do it almost every day of the week. I’ve suffered with ADD for most of my life and I find that I get the most done in the mornings when I’m a bit groggy. Reason being is that my sleep-deprived mind is able to better focus on one or two items rather than the thirty usually running through my head.
  5. I think the Eagles (followed closely by Fleetwood Mac) are the most overrated band of all time. Boring, bland, uninspired, and extremely repetitive in my opinion. I have a particular distaste for the Eagles for also ruining Joe Walsh. He was much better with the James Gang and as a solo performer.
  6. I have more education than anyone should ever have. I originally majored in Marketing, hoping to start a career in advertising. However, I realized that most marketing degrees led to sales which I didn’t want to do. So, as a backup I also majored in Finance. Then, after I graduated with a double major, I realized that the finance jobs I was interested in preferred candidates with an Accounting background. Therefore, I got my MBA with a concentration in Accounting. This meant going back and taking about 30 extra hours of accounting prerequisites I didn’t take as an undergrad. Therefore, I finished my college course work with over 200 hours. And then I got my CPA….blah.
  7. At 32 years old I can still dunk a basketball (one or two-handed) off one step. Not too bad for someone who is 6’3” with knee and back issues that act up from time-to-time. Oddly enough, my vertical is actually getting better lately, moving up toward what it was in high school.
  8. Like most writers and nerds, I consider myself an introvert. I feel really uncomfortable around large groups of people I’m unfamiliar with. Now, once I know a person, then I come out of my shell.
  9. Despite number 8, I can lecture to large groups of people without any major problems. I guess a lecture format is much different for me than carrying on a personal conversation with a relative stranger.
  10. Both of my kids are named after the real names of superheroes. And yes, it was intentional. Don’t worry, both names are completely normal. No "Kal-El"s in my house.

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  1. Colleen says:

    Dad is totally not going to agree with you on #5. Not the part about The Eagles, but Fleetwood Mac! He'll just tell you "you can go your own way"!! HA!

  2. Mike says:

    11. Safety Dance is in my top songs of all time... OF ALL TIME!!! Ha

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