A rising slave trader. An abused people. An unlikely hero.

Hero of Slaves: A Blood and Tears Novella is now available through Amazon for $0.99.

Because this work is only 12,500 words, it will be available as an ebook only. If you do not have an ereader or a phone capable of acting as an ereader and are interested in reading the story, you can always download Amazon Kindle application for your desktop or laptop and read it from your computer.

Here is the description of the story:
Cassus left the Hell Patrol two years ago, confident that his decision to escort a group of freed Byzernian slaves to safety would make up for leaving his mercenary family and best friend behind.
After Cassus safely delivered the Byzernians to their homeland, he decided to lead a movement to take down the slave trade. As each subsequent mission ended, the danger to his men grew. Still, he pressed on. 
Cassus receives word that a powerful slave trader, someone from his past, has set up a village to breed the Byzernians like cattle. He risks everything trying to dismantle the operation only to be captured. Transported along with a group of slaves, he hears news of tragedy striking the Hell Patrol. 
Cassus struggles to help the Byzernians survive one last time despite the ghosts of his past calling him home. Hero of Slaves, is a novella of approximately 12,500 words. 
The story takes place after the events of Rise and Fall and Steel and Sorrow, the first two books in the Blood and Tears Trilogy. 
This ebook also features a two-chapter excerpt from Walk Through Fire: A Blood and Tears Prequel Novella.
To read an excerpt of Hero of Slaves, click on the sample button below. If you like what you read, consider giving the rest of the story a shot.

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