Yes, I do think this song is pretty good. However, the reason why it’s today’s Music Monday is because of a funny story at work.

So, a couple of weeks ago, this older guy (late 50s) decides that he’s going to rock out during his lunch break. How? Well, he brings in his black imitation Les Paul, and a small 50 watt Peavy amp to work. That’s right. This guy starts playing an electric guitar during lunch in the lunch room . . . loudly.

The first day or two people tried to ignore him. By the third day, he was all alone. Mostly, he just sat there and doodled a few random classic rock riffs or chord progressions. Nothing special. This went on for about a week and a half. Then I guess he had enough, because no one ate in the lunch room anymore because he was too busy jamming. He tried to draw people back to him by cranking the volume so loud it could be heard through the walls into the office area, but it didn’t do him any good.

So, how does this factor into a Johnny Rivers song? Simple. This was his swan song. He played it in its entirety (the only one I heard him do that with) on his last day in the lunch room.

Sure, the tone was off, and he kind of stumbled through the solo, but I think the message was clear. He’s a Secret Agent Man. And we’re just all too square to understand.

Secret Agent Man


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  1. Wow
    You should have gone in there and started playing haha.
    I still think it sounds like he says "Secret Asian Man" but a cool song nonetheless

  2. Mike says:

    Haha Secret Asian Man. Weird Al needs to do that parody. I can only imagine how much fun he'd have with that song title. And this guy that brought in the guitar is my hero. I commend him. That's hilarious and awesome. And I thought I was weird for playing my guitar on the roof of the parking garage.

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