My friend Mike came up this past weekend and we saw King’s X play the Masquerade in Atlanta. I think it was my fifth time seeing the band. As always, it was a great show. There was even some really solid and enjoyable opening acts which is a nice bonus.

One of the best things about seeing one of your favorite bands in a club setting is the crowd interaction. King’s X has always had a special relationship with their fans which is evident with the way they laugh and joke around on stage with each other and the audience. The crowd feels the same way which is why when the band stops playing, nearly everyone is still singing their lyrics. Very cool feeling.

Great musicianship and vocals. Introspective lyrics and an energetic live show. It’s a shame they’ve never made it huge. If any band deserves huge success, it’s definitely them.

With that being said, I thought I’d do a Music Monday on my favorite tracks from Black Like Sunday, an album that isn’t mentioned often.

Black Like Sunday


Danger Zone


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  1. Mike says:

    Good stuff. That will be a show to remember. I like all the mishaps they had during the show. That made it interesting an funny. Also, I see you found out who the opening band was (Del Sol). For some reason it won't let me comment on that one.

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