My personal assistant does a lot for me. Without her my life would be at least ten times more stressful and I wouldn’t be nearly as productive as I am now. She does the following off the top of my head.

  1. Alphareader (first content editor).
  2. Line editor (before going to my betareaders).
  3. Second proofreader (happens after I make changes based on editor comments).
  4. Mapmaker (turns my chicken scratch into awesome).
  5. Cover formatter (takes the illustrations obtained from artists and crops, shades, adds font, etc. to make the illustration work for a cover).
  6. Book formatter (Ebook and Print).
  7. Website maintenance (design and updates to my blog).
  8. Uploads all books to third party retailers.
  9. Supports me in my writing pursuits and crazy, self-imposed deadlines.
  10. Probably a whole lot more I don’t even realize.

And best of all she does it for free, and on top of her normal duties of a wife and mother of three. Why? Because loves me. I mean if she doesn’t, then she’s just crazy.

Anyway, my wife doesn’t get nearly the credit she deserves.

Thanks babe!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Great to recognize her like this even though I'm sure she already knows how you feel!

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