As a child of the 80s, I grew up a big Schwarzenegger fan. I watched his movies over and over again (and still do today). As a result, I’ve developed quite a few favorites. I will freely admit that this list is not necessarily his best films, but instead the ones I enjoy the most.

One of my biggest criteria is how easy it is to quote the movie. And all Arnold movies are full of gems.

As a warning, the clips are NSFW due to language. Also, it was as struggle to find clips for some movies so that’s why they might not be from the better scenes in the film.

10. Running Man
A terribly cheesy movie, but Arnold can somehow make it entertaining.

9. Twins
Very underrated comedy. How is it possible to dislike anything with DeVito?

8. Kindergarden Cop

7. Pumping Iron
Part documentary/part movie, this is a must have for any Arnold fan and/or any bodybuilding fan.

6. True lies
The movie not only has the one liners, as did his 80’s movies, but it also benefits from better supporting star power and a higher budget than Arnold’s earlier films.

5. Conan the Destroyer
Yes, this movie pales in comparison to Conan the Barbarian. However, it came on ALL THE TIME when I was a kid, and I’ve grown to overlook its shortcomings (i.e. Wilt Chamberlin’s acting).

4. Predator
Never in the history of cinema has a movie been made with more testosterone than this one.

3. Terminator 2
One of the best action movies ever.

2. Commando
I absolutely love this movie. Practically every line of dialogue is a one-liner. So quotable.

1. Conan the Barbarian
Dark tone. Great bad guy. Great supporting characters (including a strong female lead). Memorable bits of dialogue (“What is good in life?”). Awesome fight scenes. One of my favorite movie scores of all time. Arnold making you believe he is Conan. What’s not to like?

So where did I go wrong? What are your favorites?


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