I’ve posted a few times about how busy this year has been for me and so it is no surprise that for the first time in a few years I didn’t reach my goal of reading at least 50 books. The past few years I’ve gone well over that goal, but this year I probably won’t crack 40. Admittedly, a part of that is not only being busier with work and other responsibilities, but also I picked a few duds that I either didn’t finish, or simply took a long time to get through.

Anyway, my top ten below were all great reads and in every instance was one I couldn’t wait to get back to. Highly recommended.

10. Orson Scott Card – Ender’s Game

Lived up to the hype. I also read Speaker of the Dead which I greatly enjoyed, but this one was slightly more up my alley.

9. Terry Pratchett – Reaper Man

One of Pratchett’s better books that I’ve read so far. Still a little less than a third through his massive catalog.

8. Joe Abercrombie – Red Country

Awesome book. One of my favorite authors. Loved the setting and also the continuation of a great character from earlier books.

7. Robin Hobb – Assassin’s Quest

Don’t know why I only recently read this series, but I’m glad I finally did. I enjoyed it so much I’m currently reading the The Tawny Man trilogy as well.

6. Robin Hobb – Royal Assassin

The best of the first trilogy, IMO. The first book was interesting, but pretty slow at first, really only grabbing me until around the 60% mark. Royal Assassin had me hooked from the very beginning.

5. Tim O’Brien – The Things They Carried

Sobering stories that show the side of war rarely discussed in fiction or even in real life.

4. Matthew Stover – Caine’s Law

This whole series dominates the top of my list. Another author like Robin Hobb I wished I would have read sooner. Stover is now a fav of mine and Caine might be the baddest man I’ve ever read in fiction.

3. Matthew Stover – Caine Black Knife

2. Matthew Stover – Heroes Die

1. Matthew Stover – Blade of Tyshalle

Though I love the first book in the series quite a bit, this one was so different and interesting that it edged out Heroes Die for me.

So, what great books have you read this year?


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