I’ve wanted to write this blog post for over a month now. The fact that I’m only getting to it now should let you know how continually busy I’ve been. This is mostly due to a promotion at my day job which resulted in me working most of the old position and new position until my old role had been filled. That transition is finally under way. Unfortunately, work won’t completely ease up yet since there are quite a few projects I’m leading or co-leading.

With that being said, I wanted to share a few notables that I’ve recently reached in my writing career and then take a quick look at 2016 and beyond.

- On Christmas Eve 2015, I published Resurrected Soldiers: The Tyrus Chronicles - Book Three. This was my ninth full-length novel and my twelfth published work.
o With that book, I have now published over a million words (just a bit under 1.1 million). That’s a pretty awesome thing to type.
o So far the novel has been well-reviewed by my readers, and the series as a whole continues to be well-received by veterans or soldiers currently serving their country. The latter especially means a great deal to me.
o It has sold very well, and due to its release, I received a spike in sales across my full catalog resulting in my biggest month of sales in January 2016.
o During the early part of January, I even managed to crack the 50,000 mark in total book sales.

- On the downside, I had hoped to release a third book in 2015 which for various reasons didn’t happen (partially due to work, partially as a business decision).
- Though I am making good progress on Forever Soldiers, the fourth and final book of the Tyrus Chronicles, it is taking a bit longer to get through the rough draft than I had expected. Therefore, it is very likely that it will be the only full-length novel I release in 2016 (at some point during summer).
- Once Forever Soldiers is finished, I’m hoping to spend the rest of the year hammering through one of several ideas I’m considering for my next series. My goal is to release two books for that new series in 2017,  then shoot for a minimum of two releases a year thereafter. I’d like to release 3-4 books a year, but with work as it currently is and other my obligations, I think I’d struggle to meet that goal.

Hopefully your 2016 is a good one!

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