I’ve decided to use the first blog post to set the stage for what’s to come in the future. That way, anyone who stumbles across it will have a good idea what the content of the blog will be like. Hopefully, at least one of the topics below will interest you and you’ll decide to stick around.

Writing and Reading – The primary reason I started this blog is because, like most writers, I need a place where I can talk about the things I have a passion for and that will allow me to promote my blood, sweat, and tears. Therefore, a large portion of my posts will probably be about writing and reading, especially within the fantasy genre. That being said, I do plan to discuss other genres from time to time such as science fiction, horror, etc.

As an aside, I have plans to showcase other authors here through interviews and guest blogs at some point in the future.

Music – Music has always been a huge part of my life. I mostly listen to Heavy Metal and Hard Rock but I also own and listen to a ton of classic rock and blues with the occasional punk and classic country albums thrown in.

You can expect album reviews, concert recaps (when I’m able to see them), my basic thoughts on music in general, and random YouTube videos like this...

FYI, my wife suggested that I make a regular feature called “Music Monday” so that I could do a write up on something music-related. Considering I can talk endlessly about the subject, I thought it was a great idea.

My personal life – I enjoy catching the occasional glimpse into the lives of some of my favorite authors on their blogs. So, you can expect a comment or post here or there on things that relate to my faith, family, or work. Don’t worry; I don’t plan on doing a long, boring autobiographical series of my life (even I wouldn’t want to read something like that and I live it).

Sports – I’m a big Basketball and Football fan. I follow the New Orleans Saints (I’m originally from Louisiana), the Boston Celtics, Notre Dame, and the Boston Bruins.

Movies - I really don’t watch movies as frequently as I once did. It’s not that I wouldn’t mind going to the movies every now and then or renting them and relaxing on the couch at home. It’s just that my time is precious these days so I only make an effort to see those movies that really grab my attention or strike a note with my inner geek. So, on the few occasions I do make it to a show or happen to dust off one of the DVDs at home, I’ll throw up a review or some of my thoughts on the movie itself.

Comic Books – I’m mostly a DC fan but I will chime in on Marvel as well. Batman and The Flash are two of my favorite characters.

Cartoons – I grew up on comic-based cartoons, old school Disney and Looney Tune classics. I’ve already introduced my 21-month old son to some of them.

If you’re reading this and like what I had to say above, awesome! Please check in from time to time and leave a comment.

If you made it through this whole post and it was all you could do to keep yourself from heaving, don’t worry, I promise my fiction is much better.

Check in tomorrow for the first “real” post.

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