Jimi Hendrix has been my favorite musician/artist since I first heard his version of The Star Spangled Banner at the age of fourteen (which was why I posted it last week). I still remember being at summer camp hanging out with one of my friends. He was a big hard rock/heavy metal fan and introduced me to a lot of what I listen to today. (Thanks John Paul, wherever you are.)

Anyway, we were in his dorm room, killing time, and I was scanning through his CDs, looking for something new when he suggested I put in Hendrix’s greatest hits CD. He skipped down to the Star Spangled Banner taken from the Woodstock festival and cranked his stereo up. The echoing reverb and first few notes pulled me in. I stared at those speakers in complete awe as the deafening vibrations pounded against my face. It was one of those “Where have you been my entire life?” moments that I’ll never forget.

I think I listened to that version of the song at least half a dozen times in a row which I don’t think I’ve ever done with any song since. Then I borrowed my friend’s CD and immediately fell in love with Hendrix’s songwriting, guitar playing, and overall musicianship (Mitch Mitchell was a pretty awesome drummer as well). The music Hendrix created outside of the The Jimi Hendrix Experience when he was with the Band of Gypsys was just as good, as was the blues album released after his death.

My top five to ten favorite bands/artists have shuffled around over the years but the number one spot has never changed. Hendrix could really do it all, blues, jazz, rock, acoustic, etc. Without him, music would sound much different today. I even bought a Fender Stratocaster, Wah-Fuzz pedal, and Marshall amp when I was nineteen because of him.

Are You Experienced? is my favorite Hendrix album and its last song Red House is also my favorite.

Check out the video below.


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  1. Mike says:

    Jimi's cool. He's one of those guys that just seemed to honestly love the guitar and wanted to know everything about it. I've been digging on Hey Joe ever since that band I saw did an awesome cover of it.

    As far my number 1 artist, I think you know who it is and it's not Dream Theater or King's X.

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