61,774 new words in February. Not too shabby.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned the writing challenge I was participating in for the month of February. The goal was to write 60K words in only 29 days. I originally thought this would help me get through the bulk of the Heshan storyline for Book 2 in my Blood and Tears Trilogy. I even started the challenge a few days early just to try to finish that rough draft before jumping back into edits for Walk Through Fire.

Well, as I posted last week, I finished that first draft early. However, I hadn’t reached the word count goal of my challenge and I hate not finishing something I’ve started. So, I took the time to rewrite a short story and then wrote another one.

The short story I rewrote (around 5100 words right now)is pretty different from my other writings as it is set in a post-apocalyptic earth. There is still some work to ramp up the ending a bit, but it definitely came out much stronger than my first attempt with the idea.

The second short story (currently around 4600 words) is more sword and sorcery than it is epic fantasy. This one is still in a pretty rough form. I really had fun knocking out the rough draft and already have dozens of story ideas (short and long) running through my head with these characters. I’ll probably talk more about this eventual project in the future.

So, on top of all my other lofty goals...looks like I’ll try to work in editing these projects when I need a small break from my other writing.

That’s it for now.

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