You know what they say, “there are no more original ideas.” And here is more proof of that. Fantasy author, N.K. Jemisin recently announced that she will be writing a new trilogy. See below:
[T]his will be a postapocalyptic epic fantasy trilogy, set in a world of seismic magic users and enigmatic nonhumans called stone-eaters. I’m experimenting with writing the kind of trilogy that follows a single character through mutliple [sic] books.
So why do I say there aren't any more original ideas? Simple. About a year and a half ago I came up with the idea of a post-apocalyptic fantasy setting I want to pursue after I finish the Blood and Tears series. I thought, “You know, most, if not all, post-apocalyptic work is set in a future earth and I've never seen anyone tackle that subject in a true secondary world.” From there, ideas rolled and I've got a bunch of notes and possibilities scribbled down until I have the time to organize and make decisions on which direction I want to go with the story.

So, what does this mean? I guess I should have written faster. Ha.

Though Jemisin is in my TBR, I haven’t had a chance to check out her work. However, I know she is well-respected and has been nominated for several awards so I’m sure her series is going to be worth reading.

On the plus side, from the samples I have read of her writing, the short blurb above, and what I know about her from interviews, I feel pretty confident that her approach is going to probably be much different than my own. I won’t say anymore than that since I’m still months away from starting the project and don’t even know if it will fall flat or not when it does get underway.

Anyway, just thought it was interesting.

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