When I originally started my blog, my goal was to have three new posts a week. Monday’s post would be something about music, and the other two days would cover writing, reading, and a slew of other topics. At the time I figured two posts a week wasn’t that hard to do. For awhile, it wasn’t.

However, things change and right now life is pretty hectic for me. I’ve also self-imposed some potentially tight deadlines in regards to my writing over the coming months. Therefore, I want to make sure that I have the necessary time to meet those deadlines while also fulfilling my other responsibilities. Therefore, my new posting schedule will be Monday (music related) and Thursday (everything else). Believe it or not, two posts a week is much more manageable for me than three.

That being said, if I do have something exciting to post or a new announcement that can’t wait, then you can consider that a bonus. Ha.


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