Steel and Sorrow officially has a cover!

Steel and Sorrow is the second book in the Blood and Tears Trilogy following the events in Rise and Fall.

Below is the current description (Warning: some spoilers to those who haven’t read Rise and Fall yet):
A Warleader proves his worth, a High Mage seeks revenge, a Commander overcomes his past, and a Queen solidifies her rule.
On the continent of Hesh, Tobin has finally gained the two things that have always been out of his reach—the respect of his clan and a woman’s love. Now, he seeks to finish what his father started. Tobin is left questioning not only his ability to rule, but also his sanity when he faces an enemy he never knew to suspect.

A High Mage has been humbled, but he has not been defeated. After spending his time devouring the history of Hesh, he’s discovered a way to return home and reclaim what was once his. But before he can exact revenge on his enemies, he must fulfill one last obligation to the only friend he has.

In the aftermath of great tragedy, Kaz has taken the role of commander, and with it, a mountain of headaches. He expected threats from his enemies. He did not expect the largest headaches to from within his own ranks. To make matters worse, the faded memories of Kaz’s previous life are returning and what he sees haunts him.

Queen Elyse’s kingdom faces collapse at the hands of a civil war. While her army has been organizing to secure the crown against traitorous lords, she has worked at her role as queen. Suspicion of traitors among the ranks of her council threatens to undermine Elyse's authority when a chance for peace presents itself.

A year after the events of Rise and Fall, Steel and Sorrow is the second book in the Blood and Tears Trilogy.

Right now, I’m hoping for an early September release.

Check out the cover and leave a comment on your thoughts!

Credit once again goes to Brooke White of Sprout Studio in Houston, Texas.

If you’re interested in procuring her services, please contact her at the following:
Brooke White
Sprout Studio (in Houston, TX)

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  1. Keith says:

    Good description and great cover. I'm looking forward to it.

  2. Thanks Keith, I appreciate it. I'll get you a review copy as soon as it's available.

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