The new Black Sabbath album entitled 13 is a pretty good album, but ultimately it falls short of what I expected.

Comparatively speaking, Heaven and Hell (the Dio fronted version of the band) was a much stronger showing than 13.

Surprisingly, the music (and not Ozzy’s voice) is what turns me off in spots. As much as I love Iommi and Butler, it is painfully obvious that old riffs and melodies were recycled or reworked for the album.

End of the Beginning, the first track, is essentially the song Black Sabbath.

The third song, Loner is basically NIB.

Track number four, Zeitgeist is eerily similar to Planet Caravan.

As a result of those jarring similarities, it’s actually hard for me to enjoy those songs at all (even the sections that are more original). And the second track called God is Dead? isn’t a very strong track either.

The album doesn’t really start for me until the fifth song, Age of Reason. The last four songs of the album as well as the three on the bonus disc manage to capture the old Black Sabbath with more original material. The two best songs, in my opinion, are linked below.

Also, I have to say that Ozzy’s voice sounds better than it has in years (close to form of the early 90s).

Damaged Soul - My favorite track and one I’ve listened to quite a bit. Love Iommi’s bluesy guitar work.

Age of Reason


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  1. Mike says:

    I really like the album. Can't say I have all the qualms about it as you do. I do think Heaven and Hell was better, though. I spun that album like crazy when it came out. This one? Not so much.

    I really hate that Rick Rubin got them in the studio and told them that they needed to sound like the first album. That's ridiculous. I'd rather hear them make the music they want to make today than make a precalculated, formulaic attempt at recapturing the past. You said something a long time ago that I'll never forget, it was something like, "When a band tries to be anything but themselves, they almost always fail. All the best music was completely organic." Something to that effect. So true.

    But I do really like this new Sabbath album. And I'll be seeing them on the 25th in Houston. First time for Sabbath. Can't wait. It's just ashame that Bill Ward isn't with them. But alas, let's not concentrate on all the negative things. It's just really awesome to have Iommi, Geezer, and Butler back together doing what they do best and still kicking butt at it in 2013. \m/

  2. I don't remember saying that, but I do agree with the statement so I'll be more than happy to take credit for it. Ha.

    Yeah, Rubin is an extremely overrated producer. He doesn't really do much in studio work at all.

    I like the album, I just don't love it.

    Lucky man.

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