So, I’ve been seeing a lot of negative reviews about this album and honestly, I don’t understand why. Yes, it isn’t a return to the thrash/speed sound of the early years like Endgame was. However, there is still some speed/thrash on this album while also churning out some slower but still solid hard rock/heavy metal tracks.

Maybe it’s just because I like a band that mixes things up album to album while still staying true to who they are and their sound (They didn’t release a folk album, people!) but I actually like this album a lot.

With each release I’m also slowly starting to agree with Mustaine that Chris might be the best guitarist he’s played with on a Megadeth album.

A few stand out tracks. . .


Dance in the Rain (A good song that gets great at the end….last two minutes reminds me of something that could have been off of Peace Sells)

Forget to Remember

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  1. Mike says:

    People are just hating on it cause there's a banjo on one of the songs. "OMG, there's a banjo on the album, Mustaine sold out, whole album sucks."

    I also think people are having trouble differentiating the man from his music nowadays. Sure, Dave Mustaine says some off the wall stuff nowadays, but his music still owns.

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