It’s been a few months since I’ve done a writing update so here we go . . . .

1. Audio books
a. Steel and Sorrow was completed a couple weeks ago. Now, I’m just waiting for to approve the files and upload to Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. Hopefully, that should happen sometime in the next month or so. Keep checking here for the official release date.
b. Trial and Glory is currently in production. I’m hoping for it to go live before the end of the year.

2. Short Stories
a. I had planned to do a couple of these this year, but I don’t see that happening right now. I actually did start a couple short stories earlier this year (a couple thousand words on each). However, I lost interest and moved on to the two series below. I guess my heart just isn’t into writing shorter fiction at the moment.

3. Rondel and Andrasta series
a. Book 1 is done and will be going to beta-readers this weekend. It’s around 84K words and is a sword and sorcery adventure story.
b. Book 2 has been started. I’ve written about 16k words on the rough draft. I hope to have it completed and off to beta-readers by the end of the year.
c. I also hope to start Book 3 by the end of the year.
d. My plan is to make these mostly stand alone adventure stories with Rondel and Andrasta visiting various parts of the world for each book. I have quite a few story ideas right now. My goal is to keep the books between 80-100K words which will allow me to write them at a quicker pace.

4. Tyrus series
a. Book 1 is done and has gone through a couple of edits. It’s currently around 80K words.
b. Book 2 has been started. I’ve written about 45K words on the rough draft.
c. Although I love the series so far, it will probably be a while before any of it is released. Since it’s told in first person POV, I feel like I want all four books written (or at least the first three done) before I release Book 1 in order to make sure the series is paced well.
i. That being said, it will probably take me a while to finish the series because I’ve decided to work on these books intermittently between the Rondel and Andrasta series.
ii. The general premise of the Tyrus series is that a great ten-year war has ended and some of the soldiers are finally returning home. The world has changed drastically from what they remember and each has to find their place in it.

Considering the above, it is very likely that other than the audio books for the Blood and Tears series, I probably won’t be releasing any new material this year.

Conversely, I’ll probably end up releasing 3-5 books next year to make up for that. So, that’s definitely something to look forward to . . . .

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