In January of 2013, I posted the following writing related goals. The results are bolded.

1. Publish Trial and Glory, the last book in the Blood and Tears trilogy. DONE.

2. Secret project for Rise and Fall: Book One in the Blood and Tears Trilogy. DONE. This was the audiobook. I’m happy to say that all three books in the trilogy are now available in audio form.

3. Write and finish Forgotten Soldiers - Book One in The Saga of Tyrus. DONE.

4. Write and finish Book Two in The Saga of Tyrus. NOT DONE. I’m only about halfway through with this. The reason is because I shifted gears and instead wrote the first two books (and started the third) in the Epic of Rondel and Andrasta series. I consider that a pretty decent trade-off.

5. Decide how I want to approach publishing The Saga of Tyrus. DONE. These will be indie published for now.

6. Write four to six short stories. I have outlines for three of these. The ones I have in mind would run the gambit: a post-apocalyptic modern world, sword & sorcery, and science fiction. NOT DONE. I think I only finished one short story in its entirety and I decided to hold on to it for a while. I actually started four to five others, but just lost interest. I don’t know what the deal is, but I just don’t generally enjoy writing short stories like I do novels...therefore, unless a short story idea really moves me or I have the time to pursue them at my leisure, I won’t be worrying about them for some time.

7. Possibly indie-publish one to three short stories. NOT DONE. See note six above for why. However, I do have an older short story that is in good shape I might try to put up next year.

8. Finish outlining and start writing Book Three in The Saga of Tyrus. NOT DONE. As mentioned in point 4 above, this is because I switched gears in focusing my time in the second half of 2013.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the way the year has turned out as I’ve managed to write well over 300,000 pretty clean words (much more if you count the short stories started, but not finished). Although my focus shifted temporarily from one series to another, I really didn’t miss a beat. Because I wrote so much, I should be able to make up for only publishing one novel in 2013.

2014 Writing Goals

I’ve decided to keep this list pretty simple this year.

1. Write two to three books. This will probably be Book Three of the Epic of Rondel and Andrasta  (currently working on this…about 35K into the rough draft), completing Book Two in the Saga of Tyrus, and either working on Book Three in the Saga of Tyrus or going back and doing Book Four of the Epic of Rondel and Andrasta series.

2. Publish four to five novels. This will be the first three books in the Epic of Rondel and Andrasta and at least the first book in the Saga of Tyrus. I’m hoping I might be able to publish the second book in the Saga of Tyrus as well, but I’ll have to play that by ear. If I do get it out it will probably be around December.

So, those are the main goals. I’m sure I’ll try to do more, but so long as I do the above, I’ll consider it a very successful year.

What are your 2014 goals?


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