The Cult of Sutek, The Epic of Andrasta and Rondel, Vol. 1 (target release date of May 2014) officially has a cover!

His life has no purpose. She’s out to prove hers. An unlikely alliance forms. Their legend is born.

Rondel, a once famous minstrel is crippled and rotting away in prison. He has nothing to live for until Andrasta, a mysterious warrior, gives his live meaning again. The pair escapes prison and in the aftermath, form a partnership they hope will lead to fame and fortune. Their journey is a long one, filled with peril, adventure, and even failure.

The ancient cult of Sutek grips the land of Iget. Framed by the cult for kidnapping and attempted murder, Rondel and Andrasta help a young noble rescue his sister in order to clear their name.

The Cult of Sutek is the first volume in a planned series of standalone adventures in The Epic of Andrasta and Rondel.

* * *

I decided to go with a different look for these books than what I used for the Blood and Tears series. I hired a very talented illustrator named Alex Wakefield to paint the scenes for each cover in this series. (Notice the brush strokes!) You can reach Alex through his website at

Once we got the finalized version from him, my wife Leah took care of the graphics and layout. The image above is the Amazon cover. The covers for other retailers will be cropped differently based on their dimensional requirements.

I’m very happy with the final product. Preliminary work on the cover for The City of Pillars, The Epic of Andrasta and Rondel, Vol. 2 has already begun.

For those interested, below is the full piece of artwork before we began cropping for the Amazon cover.

I can’t wait to get these books released. Thoughts on the cover?

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  1. Mike says:

    Love the cover. It's very mysterious and foreboding.

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