*Steps onto soap box and clears throat*

Skinny jeans are an even worse creation than even bell bottoms in my mind. I’ve never been a fan of how they look on women because usually one of two things occur. She is too large for them to look right or she is so thin it draws attention to the fact that she could really stand to put on 15-30 pounds.

However, the thing that drives me crazy the most about skinny jeans is the fact that many guys are starting to wear them too. Why? Please tell me how something crazy tight against my nether region will make me comfortable? It won’t. I have never seen any man look good, cool, or even plain comfortable in skinny jeans.

The best thing about skinny jeans was a sight gag on Always Sunny in Philadelphia when Danny Devito put on a pair.

This fashion statement is ridiculous and it has to stop. Please make it so.

*Steps down from soap box and walks away shaking head*

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  1. Yea, verily! Preach on, brother, preach on!

    If the jeans are loose fitting I refuse to even try them on.

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