Valentine’s Day is next Tuesday.

It’s an awful, stupid holiday and I’m one of the few guys in the world lucky enough to marry someone who feels the same as I do regarding it. In fact, when Leah and I were dating, I was forbidden from buying her anything that related to Valentine’s Day.

Paraphrasing, she feels that the holiday lays a huge guilt trip on men so that they feel as though they must live up to some unreal expectation that society has imposed on women to seek out. Those who do accomplish this goal are congratulated while those who don’t are in the doghouse.

Her and I both agree that the true definition of showing your love for another should be acted out each and every day, not on one day of the year.

So, for all of you guys who aren’t as lucky as I am...


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  1. Mike White says:

    I am one of those lucky guys as well. Brooke finds Valentine's Day ridiculous.

  2. It must be a Simon thing. I've always thought Valentine's day was stupid - for the same reasons Leah stated. I did find that Valentine's Day after work is the perfect time to grocery crowds, and it was funny watching the guys getting off from the later shifts scrounging at the remaining flowers. Kinda felt sorry for them.

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