As of yesterday, I finished the rough 1st draft of Book 2 of the Blood and Tears Trilogy. It still obviously needs a lot of work at this point, but that will all get resolved in the coming months as I smooth out the plotting, character, and prose issues during the editing process.

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I’ve been participating in a challenge to write 60K words this month. I originally thought that working on Book 2 would take me to the end of February, but I finished early. So, in order to complete the challenge (I was at 52K yesterday) I started rewriting a short story idea from scratch that didn’t pan out in my first attempt. I’ll probably finish that and start another one afterward before the month is through. Working on those two smaller items should allow me to still reach my word count goal of 60K.

No matter what, I start the final edits on Walk Through Fire on March 1st.


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