It doesn’t happen often, but occasionally a cover will actually turn out better than the original version. Below are a couple that definitely fall into this category for me (though I do like the originals as well).

Anthrax (cover)

The Temptations (original version)

Arch Enemy (cover)

Judas Priest (original version)

Nirvana (cover)

Leadbelly (original version)

Any covers that you feel are better than the original?


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  1. TNTitan says:

    Baker Street - Foo Fighters

  2. It's definitely better than the original. However, I'm not a huge fan of the song to begin with.

  3. TNTitan says:

    Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley

  4. TNTitan says:

    Radar Love - White Lion :-)

  5. Planet Caravan - Pantera

    Baba O'reily - Wasp

    Mama said knock you out - Scatterbrain

  6. TNTitan says:

    I Can't Explain - Scorpions

  7. TNTitan says:

    Megadeth: Anarchy in the UK, No More Mr Nice Guy, These Boots

  8. TNTitan says:

    War Pigs - Faith No More

    Some great nu-metal covers:
    Land of Confusion - Disturbed
    Careless Whisper - Seether

  9. Rusty Cage - Johnny Cash
    Personal Jesus - Johnny Cash
    Hurt - Johnny Cash

    Ring of Fire -Social Distortion

    Cocaine Blues - Hank III

    Jackson - Duet by Florence Welch(florence and the machine) and Josh Homme( Queens of the Stone-age)

  10. Garland, I think I like the original on about 90% of those you picked. Ha.

    Mostly good choices, Keith. ;)

  11. Nirvana - Man Who Sold the World and Lake of Fire (Sadly, I didn't realize either of these were covers until a fairly recent time ago *hangs head in shame*)
    Pearl Jam - Last Kiss
    Israel Kamakawiwo'ole -Somewhere over the Rainbow(had to look up the last name on that one)

    I can't put Cash's version of Hurt before NIN (it's one of my favorite songs) or Social Distortion's Ring of Fire before Cash's although I do like the covers of each.

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