One of the heavier bands I’ve ever heard. Sepultura also has an awesome rhythm sound as they’ve incorporated their Brazilian heritage/influence into their music. Good stuff.

Refuse Resist


Dead Embryonic Cells

Bloody Roots


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  1. Mike says:

    Remind that time I ran an errand... probably went on a beer run... and I came back to my apartment and you and Paul had some music blaring through my stereo. I asked y'all what the heck it was cause I really didn't like it. Y'all told me it was a CD out of my own collection. It was Sepeltura's Arise. Remember that? I do. Funny stuff.

  2. I forgot completely about that. Hilarious. Almost as funny as that time we were messing with you about what we wanted to listen to on the Judas Priest DVD. Then to spite us, you put in a Dream Theater show.

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