I’ve always been a big food person. As an adult, one of the channels the TV in our house stays on is Food Network. However, before the network began I remember looking forward to Saturdays as a kid so I could watch Yan Can Cook and later the other shows that came on around it. Not what you would normally expect an eight year old to go bonkers for, huh?

Watching all of these shows had me wanting to create my own “creations.” So, I’d experiment with a lot of weird combinations. Some of these were surprisingly successful (pizza rolls dipped in BBQ sauce) while others not so much (peanut butter and mustard sandwhich).

I still eat some of these experiments today. However, the one I get the most ridicule for is the way I prepare my tuna fish. I know it’s odd, but I really can’t imagine eating it any other way. Below are the ingredients.

1 can of tuna
3 boiled eggs
Garlic powder
A1 Sauce
Tabasco Sauce
Italian flavored bread crumbs
Broken up potato chips
Ritz Crackers (used to scoop the tuna with)

I don’t know anyone who eats their tuna this way. However, I know others who have their own crazy methods of eating seemingly normal foods.

What odd mix of food do you enjoy?

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