So, the new Man of Steel trailer just came out and it’s awesome. I’ve watched it several times and each viewing makes me more excited than the last for the movie. The action looks like everything that fans have wanted for years. The casting/acting all look great from the few glimpses we get and most importantly, I can believe that Cavill is Superman just as I could believe that Reeves was Superman. From the clips, he seems to have a really strong presence.

I like the tone and depth they are trying to give the character a lot. Although some people are whining and complaining because it isn’t the Superman they want/remember (the Donner films), I think this will be a pretty true representation of the character based on what he’s like in the comics now as well as the last 20 years or so.

What do you think?


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  1. YUP! Completely agree... This is the Kal El I have been waiting for...

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