The secret project I’ve been mentioning recently is out! Rise and Fall - Book One of the Blood and Tears Trilogy is now available as an audiobook through the following outlets!!

You should be able to listen to a small sample at each location.

Though you can purchase the book at any of the three locations above, I’d personally encourage you to get your copy through If you join the site, you will receive a deep discount on the list price. There are four different levels of membership based on how many audio books you plan to listen to on a monthly basis. The cheapest plan is $7.49 for the first three months (it increases to $14.95 a month after that). That means that if you plan to only buy Rise and Fall, you will only pay $7.49 for the audiobook. The membership may be canceled at any time. You can read about the membership details here.

Full disclosure: if you join and if Rise and Fall is one of your first three purchases, as the author, I will earn a bonus (as long as you keep the membership for 61 days). So, it's a win-win situation for both of us!

Regardless of where you purchase the audiobook version of Rise and Fall, I do hope you give it a shot (even if it isn’t your normal way to enjoy fiction) as I’m very excited about the finished project. Jonathan Waters narrated and produced the book and did a great job bringing the characters and story to life.

If all goes well, Steel and Sorrow (Book 2) and Trial and Glory (Book 3) will also be released in audio form later this year.

As I’ve mentioned before with my previous releases, please leave a review at the place of purchase and spread the word to others. The best form of advertising for authors is through word of mouth and reviews act in this same way.


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