Hammerfall is a good power metal band that is well worth the time of those interested in the genre. Good music and fun lyrics.

Quick fun fact: I saw these guys in a club show about ten years ago when they opened for Dio. My sister came to the show with me which was kind of funny because she was one of the few women at the venue. However, it got better as the bass player at the time repeatedly tried to garner her attention with the worst googly eyes I’ve ever seen.

My sister’s response after each failed attempt to flirt? “EWWWWWWWW! Seriously?”

Hearts on Fire

Let the Hammer Fall

Steel Meets Steel


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  1. Correction: I just watched the first video. It was the guitarist (the long-haired one) who kept making the googly eyes. The bass player cracked me up because he looks like Willem Dafoe - who totally creeps me out for some reason - and he would repeatedly make this full-toothed "metal face" grimace that I couldn't help but laugh at every time. Oh it was great.

    Yeah, despite who they opened for, I remember these guys the most because of the silliness -their killer platform shoes and all! OH - and the fat drunk guy in the crowd who kept thrusting his gut into my back while fist pumping to Dio. I remember him too. HAHAHA

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