No, not that kind of pirate. Though it would be funny if those who illegally download an artist’s works wore this outfit when doing the activity

Long story short, I got a Google alert about the audiobooks for Steel and Sorrow and Trial and Glory today. Apparently, someone illegally uploaded the MP3 files to a website for anyone to download for free. Two people commented on the links asking if the person was going to post the first book (Rise and Fall) as well since they would obviously need to listen to that one first (Duh!).

I have mixed emotions about this whole thing. On one hand, it sucks that people are essentially stealing something that I created. On the other hand, the people who usually steal books, music, movies, etc. would normally never buy those products anyway so it’s likely I’m not really “losing a sale.” Plus, I seem to recall Neil Gaimen proving that pirated works actually have an overall positive impact on the product itself since it is just one more way of getting your name out to the general public.

That being said, my first reaction was neither of the above. Instead, it was “wow, that’s kind of cool in a weird way.” This person uploaded my MP3 files beside some pretty big heavyweights in fantasy like George R.R. Martin. So, in a roundabout way this is maybe one more marker in my career of having “made it.”


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  1. They must think your work is worth stealing, so I'd say that's a plus.

  2. While the people who would do this are total scum, you can at least take comfort in the fact that people are interested in your work.

  3. Mike says:

    Dang. They're onto me. Guess I should be more cautious about my downloading activity. Argh!

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