Tomorrow is my five year wedding anniversary and I wanted to use today’s blog post to simply state how much I love my wife.

God knew it would take a special woman to make me happy, someone who could challenge me while overlooking my plethora of faults and quirky behavior.

We’ve been together for a pretty short amount of time in the grand scheme of things, yet it’s hard to imagine life before Leah and I got together. It definitely wasn’t as enjoyable. I guess it’s easy to weather a storm when you have someone you love standing beside you.

I love you babe! I hope I never have to learn how to live without you.

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  1. So sweet AND you used "plethora" in a post - one of my favorite words ever. I approve. And yes you are right, God knew what he was doing when he had you two find each other. Happy anniversary!

  2. Mike says:

    5 years. Wow. Congrats, man.

  3. Plethora probably is my favorite word. ;)

    Thanks both of you!

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