The first time my wife and I met (we talked long distance on the phone and emailed for months before our first date) we ended up having a Fawlty Towers marathon. I had never seen the show, but Leah knew it well and loved it. She and I have always shared similar tastes so I was game.

My jaw and cheeks hurt by the time we were done from laughing. The dialogue is super sarcastic and quick witted while the physical comedy is top notch. In many ways, it’s a perfect show. That’s probably why despite being over 30 years old, it is still voted as the best comedy ever on television in the UK where it originated. I would agree and extend that to the US as well.

My wife and I have watched the episodes several times since and are currently doing so again (thus prompting this post).

I’ve attached some videos of my favorite scenes and had to force myself to stop at four because I realized that there is rarely a dull moment in any episode and my favorites are too many to list.

Do yourself a favor and get the DVDs.


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  1. Mike says:

    Man, y'alls first date was a marathon of a British television series. Y'all were domesticated from the get go. Hahah

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