Part two of casting the Blood and Tears series. Same rules and comments apply as last time.

Gauge – Robert Duvall

Great actor with a very warm look and voice. Perfect for Gauge.

Illyan – Mark Ruffalo

This was a hard choice. Illyan is described as being a pretty ugly guy and although Ruffalo isn’t the trollish figure I imagine, I think he has the acting chops to pull of the character which is most important.

Amcaro – Sean Connery

This is a small part but one I feel would be perfect for Connery. It’s not like he isn’t above doing a cameo or taking a small role here and there. Ha.

Nareash – Tom Hiddleton

Perfect voice and look.

Elyse – Jennifer Lawrence

Lawrence is good at both playing someone vulnerable and strong, something I think is key to Elyse’s character.

Lobella – Katie Cassidy

Not really married to this choice. I just felt she had a good look for the role.

Grayer – William Smith

Same here. Good look for the role.

Jeldor – Sven-Ole Thorsen

Once more casted for the look. As an FYI, he played the Thulsa Doom’s bodyguard (with the giant hammer) in Conan the Barbarian.

Stay tuned for the Hell Patrol cast.

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