Yes, I’m a day late again with Music Monday. Things are getting progressively hectic in our house and I spent most of yesterday walking around in an ADD-riddled haze, unable to focus on much of anything, forgetting completely about a blog post.


Back in High school, there was a brief period of a few weeks where my sister and I were obsessed with this song. I bought the album with high hopes only to be disappointed. It just wasn’t for me.

My sister reminded me of it about a week ago through text, and I decided to hunt it up on YouTube since it's probably been close a decade since I last listened to it. Surprisingly, I still think it is pretty good. However, like before I tried to listen to some of their other music and couldn’t get into it.\

Oh well.

Superdrag – Sucked Out


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  1. Mike says:

    Okay, this is way worse than Creed. That's all I have to stay.

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