I rarely get to go to concerts anymore. One reason is I just don’t have the free time I had when I was younger (nor the ability to so freely spend my money). The other reason is Atlanta doesn’t get the amount of good bands I assumed it would when I moved here. And honestly, the latter is probably the bigger reason I don’t go to many shows anymore.

Even still, I’ve been able to see a few of my favorite bands since I’ve been here including Overkill, Judas Priest, and Alice in Chains. A good friend of mine came to see me for the first two shows. The last two I got to see with my wife. It’s a great thing being able to share my love of music with her. Granted we don’t always see eye-to-eye on music but generally speaking we like many of the same artists/bands.

Last Monday, we were able to see a great show at the Gwinnett Arena. The Joy Formidable and Social Distortion opened for the Foo Fighters. All three bands were solid but Foo Fighters owned the stage, playing for nearly 3 hours which is rare nowadays. What surprised me most was how great of a jam band they were as pretty much all of the songs included an extended interlude with lots of improvisation.

So because of the show, here are a few of the songs that were played.


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  1. The Foo's are in my opinion ,hands down the best rock band of our time. No frills , no gimmicks , just ROCK. On a side not Social D was pretty much 80% of the soundtrack of my youth..yet another solid band.

  2. Mike says:

    I agree with what Keith said about the Foo Fighters. Hands down, they're the only big rock band around today that has my full respect. And that Wheels song kicks ass. I need to either buy their greatest hits or at least buy off iTunes that song and the few other unreleased ones they put on their GH CD.

  3. Yeah, the cool thing about the band is that they've had a pretty gradual climb to where they are now. They didn't have one or two monster albums and fade away. They kept building on the last release and growing bigger with each one. And on top of that, the music seems to be only getting better.

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