As you can see by the list of all the blogs I follow (look down on the right), I enjoy reading other authors’ blogs. One thing I like to read about is an author’s unique approach to the writing process. I’m sure a big reason for that enjoyment is because of my own interest in the subject. However, many people who find out I’m an author but are uninterested in writing themselves, have been asking me questions about the actual process I use to create a story.

With that in mind, I’ve decided to start a series of posts about my current writing process. I figured this would be a good (and hopefully enjoyable) way to break up the other continuing blog posts such as “What Makes a Great Story?” and Music Monday.

So expect several posts in the future covering topics such as getting ideas, outlining, rough drafts, revisions, alpha-readers, beta-readers, professional editing/copy editor, proofreading, etc.

Friday’s post will be about ideas!


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